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Pantry to provide cost of living support for students

Published on 9 May 2023

The University of Dundee is helping Fife students through the financial squeeze with the opening of a new pantry.

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Students at the University’s School of Health Sciences campus in Kirkcaldy can receive free basic food stuffs and toiletries from the service, allowing them to make valuable savings on their regular shopping bills.

Dr Joan Cameron, a senior lecturer at the University’s School of Health Sciences, said, “Health Sciences students are unlike many others because their course runs over a 45-week period.

“This means that there is less opportunity to work over the holiday periods, while some also have parental or caring responsibilities, which may further limit their ability to take on paid employment.

“Because our students also participate in placements and some are over the age of 22, they are required to work throughout the region and may not be entitled to free bus travel. That means they are further exposed to rising food and fuel prices.”

Canned foods, dry pasta and toiletries are just some of the items available to students, along with fresh items such as bread and margarine.

The items are supplied by the University and the Dundee University Students Association, with students asked to consider their needs before deciding what and how many items they take.

The intention of the Campus Pantry is to allow students to receive basic items that will allow them to make savings on their regular shopping bills. The launch of the Kirkcaldy pantry mirrors a similar service established at the University’s City Campus in Dundee.

Joan added, “These students are already making a valuable contribution to the region through their placement work, helping to keep the people of Fife healthy through their newly learned skills.

“The launch of our Campus Pantry here in Kirkcaldy will hopefully provide these students with a small amount of relief from the financial pressures that we are all experiencing.”

The University will also accept donations from members of the public who wish to support the Campus Pantry. Items can be donated at the campus reception at Forth Avenue, Kirkcaldy, from Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.


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