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New Student Partnership Agreement launched

Published on 23 November 2022

The University of Dundee and Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) have developed a new co-operative framework to further improve the student experience

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The Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) outlines mutually agreed priorities and actions for delivering measurable and tangible improvements to the student experience.

The new SPA sets out shared priorities for the period 2022-25. The priorities will remain constant for the next three academic years and the actions will be updated annually to reflect progress.

The new SPA focusses on three areas:

  • Engaging our Community – working together, as partners, to re-engage with the University community.
  • Student Learning & Research Experience – ensuring equity across degree programmes, thereby providing access to opportunities for all.
  • The Student Voice – viewing students and staff are co-architects. Success is rooted in collaboration. An institution that actively listens, and responds to, the student voice.

Professor Blair Grubb, Vice-Principal of Education at the University, said, “The University is delighted to sign the SPA with DUSA, and to launching a three-year plan that provides a focus joint working between our staff and students.

“The Student Experience Executive Group, whose members are drawn from DUSA and the University, is developing clear targets for the SPA so that we can measure our achievements and successes in each priority area.”

Nyasha Mutembwa, President of DUSA, added, “A document like the SPA is integral to the student experience of all at the University as it allows both parties in this partnership to be held accountable of what we expect from each other.”


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