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Published on 13 October 2022

For Romail Bin Mukhtar, an internship in 2018 at Impact BBDO, UAE, a globally renowned ad agency, paved the way for a successful start in marketing and advertising

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Prior to moving to Scotland, Romail bid adieu to his role as an Account Manager with the award-winning communications group.

“The decision to leave UAE and move to the UK for my Masters was definitely not an easy one. It meant leaving behind my comfort zone and a rewarding career. However, that only made me work harder to pursue my dreams and fuelled my drive to aim for greater heights.”

Armed with the knowledge that came from working with top-tier international brands, Romail was ready for more. “I always knew I wanted to pursue my Masters in Digital Marketing having gained valuable industry experience over four years. While doing my research, I came across the digital and social media marketing course at Dundee. The course content and UOD's reputable name are what attracted me to study here.”, he said. By leveraging his experiences, Romail has been able to appreciate the practical objectives of his program- “For instance, the International Marketing Strategy module was quite engaging and involved relevant industry case studies which gave the students a glimpse of corporate practices.”

Dabbling in the growing remote work culture, Romail was able to continue working with Impact BBDO on a part-time basis while juggling his move and new responsibilities towards his education. With the time zone differences proving to be a challenge, it was time for a new start. “I decided to move on and explore opportunities in the UK. A couple of months later, I stumbled upon an opportunity in Forbes on LinkedIn. I was hesitant to apply as the requirement was for a full-time candidate but decided to give it a shot anyway. To my surprise, a few weeks after applying I was invited for an interview. It was a tough competition among hundreds of potential and well-deserving candidates. Despite being a full-time role, an exception was made for me, and I was extended an offer to join on a part-time contract leading to being hired full-time after completion of my degree. I am currently working in the capacity of an Account Manager in the Forbes Europe team.”, Romail said.

His responsibilities include managing marketing operations for Forbes across the continent. As a liaison between clients and Forbes’ internal teams, Romail serves an intermediary for pre- and post-sale activities.

While looking ahead towards the future, he appreciates the lessons his journey has taught him so far- “I am grateful that my choices paid off and I have an amazing opportunity to pave a path for my growth and success. We all are faced with doubts when making difficult decisions, but it is essential to remind ourselves of the purpose and stay determined to achieve our goals. We must not allow the fear of failure to limit our potential. I hope this story inspires the student community to dream big and believe that we all have the power to create a successful journey.”


Press Office, University of Dundee

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