Namrata Sarkar from India, 2018 MSc Finance graduate, reflects on her experience

Published on 15 June 2021

Namrata explains why she found Dundee such a welcoming city and how studying at the University helped her follow her passion.

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“Dundee is a beautiful city and the people here are its best asset. They are the most amicable people I have ever met and they make sure anyone who comes here would feel like he belongs to Dundee!”

Namrata Sarkar

“I started my search by looking at the Universities for MSc Finance, compared all the modules with others and then included Dundee on my list. The first thing that impressed me about Dundee was their personal approach where prospective students had the chance to converse with each other and it definitely shifted my perspective on prospective business schools. Then I tried to contact alumni, current students and staff which to my surprise were so very welcome of any query I had, by then I already had made up my mind that Dundee it is!

“I think the whole experience was amazing. Be it, being able to study something I am passionate about or experience living away from home - living in a city I never lived in before! It was all possible because Dundee is such a welcoming place; the people here are co-operative and incredibly friendly.

“Absolutely enjoyed learning at the university as it gave me the opportunity to specialise in subject areas of my choice whilst also providing me with the opportunity to become independent. International student ambassador and Mentor (School of Business) were some of the prominent experiences I have had from the university. This has provided me with a chance to meet with many other students from different courses, nationalities and backgrounds, not limited to those of my major. I have really enjoyed learning the cultural diversity and socialising with other ambassadors and have made friends from across the world.

“The course is comprehensive, having a good blend of applications of Finance, fundamental technical skills and research methodology. Professors are always cheerful to assist you in whichever way they could - trust me when I say that! The diversity of modules actually helped me to apply multiple approaches and broadened my knowledge by doing projects and assignments in both semesters. I enjoyed all the modules, however, if I have to pick one, I would say ‘International Banking’ because of the fact that the lecture was actively interjected with real-world examples and case studies which made it engaging.

“Dundee is a beautiful city and the people here are its best asset. They are the most amicable people I have ever met and they make sure anyone who comes here would feel like he belongs to Dundee! You will get to meet so many amazing people from different nationalities and will learn a lot about different cultures as University hosts many events throughout the year ranging from seminars, workshops, guest lectures, conferences, fairs, tours and events for leisure too!

“The best thing about the city of Dundee is that it has a quiet yet lively atmosphere. It is never too crowded but always full of fun events and festivals all year round. DUSA hosts a lot of fun events; many pubs, bars, restaurants, and clubs are located nearby. You can enjoy the day strolling up to the Dundee Law when the weather is sunny. People often asked me if the city is safe enough, and my answer has been a big YES. The city centre is just a 15 minute's walk from the campus which saves a lot of time when we have a tight schedule for everything. Moreover, other nearby cities like Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen etc. are easily commutable.

“The degree of MSc Finance gave me a wide range of abilities that is applicable far beyond the Finance sector. I went into the program convinced that a career in Finance is the solitary alternative for me, notwithstanding, presently I am considerably more open to other career paths and sectors as well. My horizons expanded because of the seminars, workshops and Career-fairs that Dundee Business School organises, which gave me new insights into industries I never considered. It has really boosted my morale in whatever decision I make personally and professionally.”

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