My experiences as Editor of the Dundee Student Law Review

Published on 1 September 2019

George is a fourth year student on the LLB Scots Law. He’s also the editor of the Dundee Student Law Review. He explains how he came to study here and why Dundee was the right choice for him.

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I found out about studying law from a representative of the Law Society of Scotland. After I became interested in studying law, I went to many open days including Dundee. Dundee had the best atmosphere and the law staff made potential applicants feel very welcome. This warm atmosphere encouraged me to go to Dundee and I have not regretted it since.

My time at Dundee has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. There are a lot of great things about the University - my first is the welcoming atmosphere it has - most students I have met tend to make everyone feel welcome, and they are always kind and respectful to others. All members of staff, whether it be lecturers or administrators, also contribute to this atmosphere, as they are always keen to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Secondly, the University caters for as many people as it can. For instance there are spaces for study suited for anyone’s learning style, and a wide range of up-to-date resources. The Law School uses a mix of extensive digital databases filled with case law and journals, as well as physical library books which are all available within the Law Library. This mix of resources gets students accustomed to many different forms of research.

I have been a member of several societies and clubs while I have been here. The main one is the Dundee Student Law Review, where I am in charge of the editorial board. During my time there, I have had the opportunity to edit several pieces of exceptional academic work, and give recognition to the finest papers Dundee students can offer, alongside other amazing scholars from around the world. During my time on the editorial board we have received pieces from as far afield as Hong Kong and Nigeria, and it is amazing to edit such a wide range of pieces.

The most notable internship I have undertaken while at University was working in the Law School itself. This involves helping lecturers update their course materials and assist with their upcoming research papers. I particularly worked with staff specialising in Private International Law and it was very insightful to see what important research lecturers work on outside of the classroom. I have found it to be an amazing experience, which will prove very useful for my future career.


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