Ms Hadeel Alsirhani, PhD success in UDOTS

Published on 23 February 2024

Dr Hadeel Alsirhani completed her PhD research topic, entitled “The biomechanical effects of cross-legged sitting on the lower limbs and their implications for rehabilitation”.

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Her research was supervised by Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold (UDOTS).

Hadeel, who hails from Saudi Arabia, began her PhD study in December 2020 after she gained her MSc in Motion Analysis at the University of Dundee in 2019. Her PhD project has explored the relationship between traditional sitting and cross-leg sitting and the biomechanical effect on gait, posture balance, and muscle strength in the lower limbs. 

She has been active during her time here in Dundee, attending an international conference, the Futurescot Health & Care Transformation Conference in March 2023, in Glasgow. 

She also published a research article in Applied Science in March 2023. Her PhD thesis provides an important reference for coaches, and clinicians, in terms of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Everyone at UDOTS would like to congratulate Hadeel and wish her every success in her future career.

Hadeel stated: “In the School of Medicine, I learned several new strategies and technologies, such as motion capture, and gait analysis and how I can statistically analyse the collected data. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisors, Dr Weijie Wang, and Dr Graham Arnold, who guided and supported me throughout this project. I would also like to show my deep appreciation to UDOTS professional services staff who helped me finalize my PhD and were so patient and encouraging. I hope I have fulfilled my supervisors’ expectations during this journey. I wish to acknowledge the help provided by the technical and support staff in the Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory”.

Dr Weijie Wang (Project Supervisor) added: “I am pleased to see that Hadeel has completed her PhD study. She worked hard to overcome many difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic period and has carried out the project efficiently. Her thesis has highlighted many interesting points to be explored further. With her background in physiotherapy, she has learned a lot of new technologies, and I hope that these new knowledge and skills will help her to move forward in her career. I also hope to collaborate with her in the future to develop further research projects.”

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