Milton Ochieng Onyiro - MSc International Business

Published on 6 July 2021

Milton from Kenya, graduated from the University in 2008 with an MSc in International Business.

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“I was looking for a Graduate Program that would complement my career plan. Having graduated with a bachelor degree in accounting, I needed training that would fit in my career aspiration to work in the business global ecosystem. A graduate program in International Business was the best fit for my aspired career growth.

“Studying at Dundee was a key to unlock future opportunities and train me to be prepared to be fully resilient to challenges, which enabled me to be solution-oriented and never give up in my career aspiration. The Uniqueness of the city with a blend of student population and local hospitable population allows for any student to feel at home.

“The support I got from my faculty, the admission office and the Dean’s office gave me the finishing power. Without these people my educational dream at the university would not have materialized. They are the best.

“The kindness and hospitality of the people of Dundee is a blessing. The town is absolutely safe for students and everyone. Dundee is a cosmopolitan city where you meet people from all over the world in and out of the campus.

“In Dundee, though far away from home, I was never alone; The University cared about my study and well being.

“I graduated in 2008, and moved back to home country the same year, at this time the world was gradually becoming a community, however the responsiveness of Africa to this move was quite slow. Much has happened between then and now, but it wasn't until 2016 that international companies in Africa began to see gaps in their business model and sought qualified personnel to support them. I work in venture building in the start-ups ecosystem, where the focus is to create sustainable and profitable business to be able to create jobs for young professionals. My daily role revolves around financial control roles and value addition to business, I also take time to support companies achieve their desired growth through mentorship.

“My graduate degree has equipped me with unique understanding of global business perspective and prepared me to be able to tackle business challenges through strategic decision making. Studying at Dundee prepared me to be independent and cultivate high ethical standards that are key in the success of my career"

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