Meet the Dundee lovebirds who are 10,000 miles apart

Published on 14 February 2019

Away from your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Meet the Dundee couple who have the ultimate long-distance relationship.

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The couple, Vangela Xu, from Nanjing, China and StéfanoD'Ambrosio Núñezfrom Lima, Peru, said that the stars aligned for them both to choose to study in Dundee and subsequently, find love at their first seminar.

“The odds of us meeting at all, especially in Scotland, were really small,” said Vangela.

“I was studying for an MRes in Cancer Biology and Stéfano studied for an LLM in Mineral Law and Policy. If it hadn’t been for Dundee we would never have met.”

The pair, who graduated in November 2018 currently live 10,720 miles apart. Both say that despite the distance, the love they found in Dundee still grows strong and they have plans to move to Europe together.

Stéfano said, “I’m currently in Peru and Vangela is in China but we are both sending off applications to move closer together. I’m preparing to travel to Italy but we both love Scotland, it would be an excellent destination to return to.

“I’m going to find Vangela, and look for a job as a lawyer where she studies. It’s going to be an adventure.”

The long-distance lovebirds say that it was the magic of Dundee that first attracted them to study here.

Vangela said, “Once the semester starts, the quaint little Dundee becomes a vibrant, energetic and multicultural city. It’s phenomenal.

“It is also amazing how we managed to get Master’s degrees in one year, unlike the three years it takes in China. The courses are very compact, but in the end, you feel you learned a lot, and you’re going to be very proud of yourself.”


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