Meet our postgraduate researchers: Camila Biazus Dalcin

Published on 3 September 2021

Camila is a postgraduate researcher at the School of Education and Social Work. She moved from Brazil to Dundee because she was offered the possibility to start her interdisciplinary research focused on public health, community, learning and development.

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What’s your research project about?

My current research project is looking at the healthcare access of young people who have been in custody in Scotland, what happens when they re-enter their community and how their interactions with practitioners impact on their health and wellbeing.  

My PhD is much more than a thesis, it’s about becoming an independent researcher.

Thanks to the University of Dundee and my supervisors, I now have contacts, connections and a wider network!

Why have you chosen to start a research degree?

Being a postgraduate researcher gave me purpose even in these unprecedent times.

I have a reason to keep going because I know how important my research project is and how many people I can help. It’s not about re-inviting the wheel but it’s about improving things that are already there and offering young people better health and wellbeing conditions when they re-enter the community after being in custody.

How do you value your research path?

I know that it sounds obvious… but I’m challenging myself! I would have never had the opportunity to live in such international and multicultural settings if I had not applied to the University of Dundee. I’m not only doing an interdisciplinary research but I’m also living my research every day by working with people from totally different backgrounds like education, social work, psychology and that’s really positive. Moreover, I have 3 supportive supervisors that are always available to catch up if I need.      

Why the University of Dundee?

I chose the University of Dundee because this institution provides a unique experience to do your research and you have insights from different disciplines.

It’s a really good place to be! Scotland is a beautiful country to study and research, you have so many opportunities and it’s all so close!

People are so friendly here and you feel you are part of a community, where you are not just a researcher…you are a person, so you are supported and you can engage within other projects.

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