Meet our Careers Ambassadors for 2021-22

Published on 9 December 2021

Meet Katie and Bori, our Careers Ambassadors for the academic year 2021-22.

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Katie Steele

I am Katie Steele, one of the Careers Ambassadors for this year.  Currently, I am in my second year studying Business Management.  This year, I am looking forward to working with students and the Careers Service team.

I applied for the role of Careers Ambassador as the Careers Service has greatly helped me in getting both summer jobs and internships.  Recently, it has been a struggle for many people to find part time work in Dundee, however the Careers Service’s Job Shop helped me find student friendly job opportunities that I could not find advertised elsewhere.  I have also made use of the online advice to refresh my CV which helped me land interviews for many of the jobs I applied for.  Through speaking with fellow students, I realised many weren’t aware of the support the Careers Service offers.  I want to help students by spreading the word of the Careers Service and the help they can provide.

Most of all, I am looking forward to providing a link between students and the Careers Service, as to make it easier for students to access professional opportunities and better their current and future career prospects.

I hope to use the experience I gain from being a Careers Ambassador to expand my practical experience of subjects taught within my course of Business Management.  I will also learn more of what the Careers Service has to offer and can use this knowledge to enhance my future career prospects in terms of internships and future jobs after I graduate.

Bori Szilagyi

Bori Szilagyi

Hello! My name is Bori and I am going into the 4th year of my Law degree. I am originally from Hungary but have been enjoying Scotland and especially Dundee in the last couple of years. You can also find me in the International Law Society or somewhere outside - I love my daily walks! In addition to being a Careers Ambassador this year I also work part-time in Brand Protection for the company I interned for during the summer of 2021.

My experiences with the Careers Service

When I started my Law degree, I was doubting myself a lot and whether becoming a lawyer was the right decision for me. I received a lot of assurance and support from the Careers Service in my first two years of university regarding my future, but in my 3rd year events took a turn for the better. I started applying for internships and had appointments with my Careers Advisor every two weeks who helped me with CVs, cover letters and mock interviews and always had a few encouraging words for me. Thanks to my Advisor and everyone at the Careers Service I managed to secure a paid internship for the summer of 2021 and have had the chance the stay on with my host company to work with them beyond my internship.

Why did I choose to apply to become a Careers Ambassador?

Because of my positive experiences I wanted to give back to the Careers Service and to the university. I want every student to know how great it is to turn to the Careers Service and to ask for advice, let it be about their future, their degrees, internships or jobs after graduation. I was a bit shy when I started my course in Dundee and did not fully discover my opportunities and the help that was available for me. That is why I think that it is so important to encourage students to contact the Careers Service and make the best of their university years and their lives after graduation.

Where can you find us?

The Careers Ambassadors will be at many virtual and live events this year where you can ask as any questions and we can direct you to the people who can help you the best with your enquiries. Look out for our social media and find the best opportunities and events for you!

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