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Published on 12 August 2022

Wilson Xu looks back with great fondness of his time spent at Dundee.

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After an amazing time studying his MA Economics and International Relations degree, Wilson is continuing his education studying for a Master’s in Economic Development at the University of Glasgow. He looks back with great fondness of his time spent at Dundee. 

“The friendliness of staff and diversity of students made the University of Dundee a definite first choice.

“Studying at this university has been wonderful and life-changing. I have learned far more about myself through participation in the numerous societies and sports clubs than I would have from working or studying at another university. Teaching within the School of Business and Social Science has been exceptional, and the motivation of lecturers is displayed in classes.

“The balance between independent study, teaching, and group discourse; being a student did not feel patronising as lectures mostly provided the foundation of each topic, encouraging students to explore and research on their own. I liked how independent study and personal interests within courses are rewarded through interactive sessions with tutors - particularly during group debates. 

“The best thing about the University of Dundee is the Go Abroad Team and the exchange programme. The university is incredibly generous to students who aspire to explore the world and wish to study abroad for a year, from the Go Abroad Scholarship to the incredibly small but dedicated team that supports students on exchange. Having studied abroad twice, at the City University of Hong Kong and the Australian National University, I experienced this generosity and commitment.

“As an ever-changing city, living in Dundee was unique. On campus, you are spoiled in choice of friends due to the high number of students wandering around this relatively small campus, and the broad range of international students. People of all social classes, nationalities, and backgrounds can be seen around campus, and the high level of friendliness makes socialising very easy - even for introverts! This is reflected outside the campus.”

Wilson’s favourite moment at the University was when he joined the Volleyball Club for the first time.

“I had little experience in high school and was very nervous since it was the first-time socialising outside of freshers week, but the club was incredibly welcoming and friendly to beginners. Even though the club accommodated professional volleyball players, everyone from all skill levels was accepted with open arms. DUVC ended up playing a fundamental role in my student life as a stress reliever, socialising event, and place to make friends.

“Throughout my years studying at the University of Dundee, I always set the main library as my favourite place on campus. It was always well ventilated, spacious (non-exam season), and the perfect environment to study. My second favourite place is the Lair Bar within The Union, the calming atmosphere, chatty staff, and good coffee made it a go-to place for meet-ups and unwinding.”

Looking back at his time, he offers future students three pieces of advice:

“Open up! Steel your nerves and join student societies/clubs, staying bottled up is not good nor helpful to your future. Be yourself. There is no 'blend in' strategy in university, everyone is different, but you will find people with similar hobbies, interests, and personality. Travel abroad if you get the opportunity. Not only will you explore more of the world, but you also get experience living and learning in another country.”


Press Office, University of Dundee

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