Mahima Swamy awarded tenure and further fellowship funding

Published on 26 July 2022

Mahima Swamy from the MRC PPU was awarded tenure last month and has also been successful in obtaining £560,000 from the Wellcome Trust as a 2-year extension to her Henry Dale Fellowship.

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Mahima joined the MRC PPU in December 2016 as a Principal Investigator and after obtaining a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship in September 2017, she started her research on immune responses to intestinal infections. She has since grown her lab with additional funding and put together an international team of highly motivated researchers, that have published more than 5 papers in less than 5 years. In March this year, she obtained a renewal of her Henry Dale Fellowship to investigate at a molecular level how nutrients regulate the function of the gut immune system. This research will build towards future studies of how diet and microbes regulate intestinal immune responses.

Mahima has many collaborations across the School of Life Sciences, both within the MRC-PPU as well as with researchers in microbiology and immunology. She has also established several national and international collaborations with academic and industrial partners. Mahima is passionate about equity and diversity and is a member of the University’s Race equality charter self-assessment team. She informally mentors young scientists both within and outside her lab. She contributes to ongoing PE activities, including "Open Doors Day", “Work Experience week”, the School’s "Incredible Immunology" outreach activity, and the “Street Food” event at a stall on Coeliac disease.

“ I am thrilled to be able to continue the exciting work we started here at Dundee, and to build on my links with the scientific and wider community in Dundee. I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received, and all the hard work my team has put in to help us get here.”


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