Lewis Dobie

Published on 30 July 2018

Lewis Dobie is studying for a BEng in Biomedical Engineering

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I’m from a small town called Alyth – about 35 miles from Dundee –and originally went to Dundee college, in 2010, and studied an HND in Engineering Systems for 2 years. After completing that I worked for an international engineering company in Aberdeen for a year then transferred to The Netherlands and worked throughout Europe for another 3 years. During that time I bought a flat in Dundee because at the time it was, and still is, transforming and becoming a truly global city with great aspirations.

Later I decided to return to study to follow my desire to be an Energy Research Engineer. I chose the University of Dundee not just because I lived locally but also because it ranks as one of the best for Mechanical Engineering in Scotland.  As well as that, several of my friends who studied here loved it and highly recommended it.

The School of Science and Engineering at Dundee has strong biomedical connections so I was exposed to Biomedical Engineering early on and I took an interest in it.  However, it was while I was in China for a summer school at the East China University of Science and Technology that I decided to switch from mechanical to the newly created BEng Biomedical Engineering course.

Now instead of wanting to be an energy researcher I intend to do postgraduate research and become a biomedical engineer in industry.


Press Office, University of Dundee

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