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Law Clinic opens offering free legal advice in Dundee

Published on 2 February 2024

A new law clinic has opened at the University of Dundee offering free legal advice to members of the public, and a UK Judge at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has been appointed Patron.

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Tim Eicke KC, UK Judge at the ECtHR, in Strasbourg, and former law student at the University of Dundee, is the clinic’s Patron. 

The University of Dundee Law Clinic (UDLC), part of the university’s Law School, is run by students with the support of professionals and practicing solicitors.

It aims to provide ‘access to justice for all’, amid a challenging environment where securing legal aid has become increasingly difficult, while offering students hands-on work experience.

Honorary graduate of the University of Dundee, Tim, said, “I was very happy to hear that the University was starting a Law Clinic and am honoured to have been invited to be a Patron.

“The ability to experience the law in practice, to the benefit of those who need it most, is something I would have enjoyed doing when I was a student.”

The clinic will offer advice in areas including property, family and consumer law, however, it will not provide services in criminal law, immigration or professional negligence.

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Rebecca Samaras, the University’s Director of Clinical Legal Education, has established and will run UDLC.

She said, “The Law Clinic will enhance our offering to students as they will be able to put their theory into practice, increasing their employability and career prospects.

“It will also offer free legal advice to the community – something that many people struggle to access because they can’t access legal aid and can’t afford to pay.”

Rebecca added that UDLC also aims to increase ‘legal literacy’ among the public, offering an understanding of the legal system, beyond issuing advice.

As Patron, Tim supports the Law Clinic but will not be involved in giving advice or the services provided.

“Judge Eicke is an inspiration to our students and encourages them to achieve their goals,” Rebecca said. “It’s an honour to have him as Patron.”

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Student Harriet Hearns, 22, from the west end of Dundee, is in her 5th year of studying and is currently working towards the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Dundee.

She said, “Despite already having a variety of legal work experience under my belt, I believe gaining the exposure to a variety of new matters and clients’ issues will be invaluable for aiding me in my legal career.

“I am still very much open to what area of law I wish to practice in, therefore, gaining more hands-on experience in different matters will be extremely interesting and beneficial.”

Anyone wishing to contact the UDLC can email or phone 07387533198. For more information see the Law Clinic website.

Tim Eicke KC is an honorary graduate from the University of Dundee. He recently spoke to us about his role as UK Judge and of the University ‘undoubtedly’ setting him up for his career. Read Tim's full interview here.


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