Julian Blow announced as new Chair of the Lister Institute Scientific Advisory Committee

Published on 13 July 2022

Professor Julian Blow has been announced as the new Chair of the Lister Institute Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

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He takes over from Professor John Iredale, currently the interim Executive Chair of the Medical Research Council, who will become Chair of the Institute. 

As a member of the SAC since 2019, Julian is “absolutely delighted” to take on this new position – particularly because of his own longstanding association with the Lister Institute.

When Julian first set up his own independent research group in 1989, he was awarded a Lister Fellowship. He cites this as “transformative” to his career, “not only because of the financial flexibility it provided, but also because it introduced me to the network of Lister Fellows, who helped me navigate the difficult early years of being a group leader. To this day I have many friends and colleagues amongst the Lister community whom I enjoy meeting up with at the Annual Meeting.”

“The process of selecting the next cohort of Lister Prize Fellows is both a difficult and rewarding task because of the extremely high standard of applications that we receive. As a committee member there is also immense pleasure in seeing how the research and careers of our Fellows develop and prosper.”

“On a final note, I’d like to thank John Iredale for the fantastic job he has done in this role before me and hope that I can match the wisdom, insight and good humour that he brought to the role.”

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