Jennifer Dublin-Green, 2011 MSc International Business, Marketing and Human Resource Management graduate

Published on 25 June 2021

Jennifer tells us about her time spent at the University of Dundee

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I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2011. It was an amazing experience to have my family present and I did enjoy the ceremony.

"I chose the MSc International Business, Marketing and Human Resource Management course. I studied sciences at the undergraduate level but could only get work experience at that time in the business sector. We have a compulsory one year of National Service in Nigeria where one gains work experience upon graduation. This was the beginning of my experience in the business sector. I worked at a bank and even though I was initially horrified at being assigned to a financial institution when I clearly had no business background, I did enjoy working there and I did learn a lot. That was how my interest grew and I decided not to streamline myself just to the sciences but gain a bit of diversity to enable me stand out in the job market. I honestly do not believe that anyone can go wrong with a business degree.

"Dundee was one of the few universities offering that course combination. This decision still remains one of the best decisions I have made in life. I still remember my mother asking me how I would cope on my own, especially as we only had relatives in England and Wales. I shrugged off her worries and was determined to make the best of my education adventure. So it was really in the course of my internet search and research on diverse course options that I came across the MSc International Business, Marketing and HRM course offered at the University of Dundee. Another thing that helped was the timely response and warmth of the admissions team, I honestly felt they really wanted me to join them on campus!

"My first impressions of the city was one of ''Oh this is quite similar to Wales" and this is just because I had regularly gone on holidays over the years to Wales to visit relatives. So of course there was no hustle and bustle as one would expect to see in London. I also remember that I made my first friends (and these friends are still friends of mine till date) at the meet and greet pick up service organised at the airport. We were all from different backgrounds and we were made to feel really welcome.

"I have so many highlights from studying in Dundee- from learning Scottish country dancing and actually performing with the Dundee University Scottish Country Dance Society (DUSCDS) at the Highland Ball in St. Andrews in 2011, to trying out haggis, tatties and neeps, to working part time at Tank Driving Scotland as a paintball instructor and even making it into the newspapers when we hosted a charity event. I also enjoyed using the library, the gym facilities, going to watch classmates play football and cheer them on, going to the city centre, experiencing ice skating for the first time ever at the rink, and taking time out to go weekend road trips with friends- to the Isle of Skye, bus rides to Edinburgh and Aberdeen as well.

"I am so sure there are many other things I would say about my time in Dundee but I would absolutely recommend the University of Dundee and the course to prospective students because they will definitely get a comprehensive learning experience here. The mode of education/ style of learning is definitely different for international students coming in but I had a lot of support and resources available to help me succeed."

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