Jasmin Hirn

Published on 29 September 2021

Jasmin from Germany, studied MSc International Marketing. Now a FT Regional Sales Manager, she looks back on her journey with us.

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“At the beginning I was searching for Universities which offered a January intake in the UK and I knew some people who were doing their bachelor’s degree in Dundee who suggested the Uni to me. At the end, the choice of modules and the good reputation made me decide for Dundee.

“As part of my course I did an internship. My job role was; “Marketing Officer and Community Manager” for What’zhat a Creative Agency.

“I have done several internships in the tourism sector before, and I wanted this one to be a bit different. I wanted to focus on something creative where I can put in my own ideas into it, and also learn more about how to identify consumer trends. What’zhat was a very small company where I knew I will be able to take over tasks by myself and be involved that’s why I decided to do the internship with them at the end.

“I was doing the internship remotely which helped me to work self-independent and structure/organize my daily work. I liked to get an insight into the company and see how all the different departments are working together and how their work structure is in a different country. Also having an internship abroad in your CV did get some attention when applying for jobs.

“I really liked that my modules were practical oriented. We did not only learn the theoretical content but were able to put that into practice. This helped me to understand the topic in a much better way and was a great help for the working world.

“One of the best things about the University of Dundee is the staff. Everyone is very welcoming, understandable, and supportive. I liked that all the facilities/buildings are close by, so there are only short walks to different lectures. Moreover, I loved the coffee places (which have great views on water) where I often met friends for a quick chat or which I used for studying. I also loved at Dundee university people from across the world find together and so you can build a network for life.

“My favourite memory might be the whole year by itself. I met amazing people and made friends for lifetime. I loved the international cooking nights with my friends and flatmates. And the nights when we went out. Even the nights when I have been studying together with friends was fun. I loved traveling through Scotland and chilled nights when we talked until the morning. I loved that people I have met on the first day in Dundee were the ones I spent the whole year with. It was amazing to see how quickly I connected & bonded with people and how they are still an important part of my life - even though with some of them I only got few months. But choosing one memory - it would be new year’s when we all celebrated like a big family at a place which felt home, far away from home.

“Currently I am working back in Germany since I finished my master’s degree in January. But I am planning to find a job in the UK – preferably Scotland - soon. Since I have done my master’s degree in Marketing, I would love to pursue a job in that field, especially in the field of brand marketing or sports marketing.

“Studying at the University of Dundee has given me lifelong friends. It has prepared me to gain the confidence I need to put my studied theory into practice and to gain an understanding on how certain industries work in practice.

“Throughout the courses the professors have given me the confidence of success after graduation and passion for the field I have been studying. I got introduced into new topics and interesting work sectors. The Time at Dundee university has opened my eyes for the world and created a great network for the future.”

 Watch a video of Jasmin’s internship

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