International Award for John Raven

Published on 29 September 2019

John Raven, Emeritus Professor from the Division of Plant Sciences, has been awarded the Albert I Grand Medal in recognition of his research in the oceanographic field.

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The award was created in 1948 and is the highest international distinction dedicated to ocean sciences and outreach. For 70 years, the Oceanographic Institute has been highlighting the most prominent scientists who contribute to unveiling and understanding the ocean, as well as world-class figures who raise the attention on the importance of keeping marine ecosystems healthy.

Professor Raven said, "'I am deeply honoured to be recognised in this way by the Monaco Oceanographic Institute, where major contributions to oceanography have been, and continue to be, made."

Professor Raven received his award in recognition for “the outstanding quality and breadth of his work, especially on the ecological physiology of phytoplankton.” They also noted his “talent as a teacher transmitting his passion for the ocean” which aligns with the Institute’s ambition to stimulate and empower a wider public to 'Know. Love and Protect the Ocean’.

Throughout his research career John has made a major contribution to the study of the mechanisms by which photosynthetic organisms acquire resources and how these resources are used in metabolism; how organisms perform in the environment and the relation of organismal phenomena to biogeochemistry and other large-scale processes.

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