Intern China 2018

Published on 17 August 2018

This year has seen our highest number of our students undertake the Intern China programme, which offers an excellent opportunity to live and study in China for 8 weeks

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This year we have had 9 of our postgraduate students successfully complete the Intern China programme, as part of their degree. This programme offers students the chance of undertaking an 8-week internship in China and in area linked to their degree. It is an excellent experience for the students as it gives them the opportunity to experience working and living in China.

This year’s participants and their company include:

  • Carolin Labinski - Dezan Shira & Associates
  • Stoyan Stoyanov - LinkLever
  • Dzifa Michel - Selinda International Trading
  • Jiangkai Huang - Juma Studio
  • Chu Wang - Jinseo Electronic Technologies
  • Bo Ni - Alex & Manu Coffee
  • Alyiah Tami - Xi Air International Trading
  • Cameron Laws - CDS Solar Energy Technologies
  • Alisha Ukani and Umar Ahmed - Felpa International Trading

One of the students, Dfiza Michel explains their experience.

“On the 14th of June, 2018 I arrived in Dalian and was picked up at the airport by  InternChina staff who took me to my apartment and helped me settle and since it was a holiday weekend i had a relaxing weekend. I started my internship at Selinda International Group on the 19th of June, 2018 as a financial assistant. Selinda Group is an international group company specialising in the export of wooden products for flooring, furniture, doors and relevant technical support with locations both in China and Malaysia. For over ten years, Selinda has gained expertise in the manufacturing of flooring, wooden materials suitable for both residential and office spaces. My assigned tasks was to communicate with the banks, liaise with the financial director and send out invoices with clients. I also had the chance to rotate the other departments in the company and also visited the factory for a better understanding of the job.

“I would recommend my company as one of the best companies, the staff gave us a friendly environment to work in and also there wasn’t much of a language barrier.

“During my stay i learnt how to work with people from different cultures since my company consisted of interns from England, Australia, Lebanon and Asia. We all had different backgrounds and cultures and I learnt a lot from everyone and also learnt to work as a team effectively. The InternChina staff were very amazing and always at our beck and call. They organised trips and activities which made us explore the city and relate to Dalian better.”

“The InternChina staff were very amazing and always at our beck and call.”

Dfiza Michel


Press Office, University of Dundee