Inaugural Ronald Coase lecture and partnership conference

Published on 10 November 2020

Dr Sudhu Paramati, Professor Bill Russell and colleagues, have organised the School’s first inaugural research conference during 24-26 November 2020

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The main aim of this research conference is to build strong research network with our international partner institutes from Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. The Scientific Committee has received a large number of submissions from the partner institutes, with 60 papers selected for the presentations in the conference.

The conference committee has arranged a keynote presentation (Ronald Coase Lecture), which will be delivered by Professor Orley C. Ashenfelter, Princeton University, the US. Ronald Coase spent the early part of his successful career working at the University of Dundee and Prof. Matthias Klaes will introduce this aspect of his career, as part of the lecture.

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