Hydro Nation Scholar receives commendation in Climate Creatives Challenge

Published on 12 September 2023

The challenge asked entrants to pick an environment or building and explain how it could be impacted by climate change and made more resilient.

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PhD candidate and Hydro Nation Scholar, Sarah Crowe, received a commendation for her entry, ‘Fear or Flourish’ in the Climate Creatives Challenge. This was part of a series of design challenges to help support new and novel approaches for communicating the impacts of climate change and the benefits of adaptation, mitigation and resilience. 

For this challenge, entrants had to pick a historic environment or building and communicate how it could be impacted by climate change and how it could be made more resilient. The judges were looking for entrants to explore ways of communicating the topic which go beyond the traditional formats in which it is typically represented and share place-based narratives that link to and showcase contextual stories and experiences. Entrants also had to consider how their entry connects with people and/or organisations that aren’t necessarily aware or engaged with this topic and not just focus on the hazard but show the actions that can be taken to change the consequences faced.

Sarah focused on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Moai statues on Easter Island and how they are under threat due to sea level rise, storms and erosion. The entry illustrated place-based adaptations which were inspired by the island’s archaeology, culture and natural environment. The adaptations protect the statues and historic environment, offering multiple benefits to humans and the ecosystems while increasing resilience. 

Sarah’s entry can be found on page 46 of the compendium


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