A high paced and challenging experience

Published on 16 March 2016

I'm Thomas Merritt, from London and I studied MSc International Security (Terrorism and Counter-terrorism in Europe)

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The course is high paced and very challenging. The research topics for assignments are exactly what I wanted to be tackling when I applied, and the support from staff has been excellent. 

While applying for the MSc, I spent a lot of time looking around for courses like this, and actually received offers from 3 other universities. I chose Dundee because the course structure and modules covered looked the best in comparison, and the course had received good reviews online.

Also, I’d never been to Scotland before, so I thought living in Dundee would allow me to explore the whole country easily.

The seminars have been a highlight for me. They are very different from what I experienced in my undergraduate studies, being far more discussion based. I find this very interesting, as it allows everyone’s individual knowledge and opinions to be heard, making for some really fascinating discussions. 

The topics we cover on this MSc are very controversial and we have students from all over the world. This means these seminars can be really eye-opening in terms of understanding different cultural viewpoints on both politics and contemporary security issues.

I would absolutely recommend this course, mainly because of the flexibility of research allowed. It means you can tailor your individual study to really get to grips with the topic you’re interested in, while still touching on other intriguing areas. For example, my specialist pathway was in Terrorism, but I also undertook modules on organized crime and Middle Eastern politics.

The freedom of choice given over the assignment titles meant that I could always link my research back to my chosen specialist area, for example studying the nexus between organized crime and terrorism. 


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