Green Impact Awards for School and DDU/WCAIR

Published on 16 May 2019

We have now achieved silver for our sustainable way of working in our laboratory areas.

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Following on from the Schools bronze Green Impact award last year, we have now achieved silver for our sustainable way of working in our laboratory areas. In addition, the staff office team in DDU/WCAIR joined the programme and earned a bronze award. They also received additional awards. These are the 'Innovation for Engagement Award', 'Environmental Improvement Award' and ' Best Newcomer'.

Green Impact is a programme run by NUS to encourage individuals and institutions towards a more sustainable way of working. The University of Dundee has been taking part for the last couple of years and has been gaining momentum since it began.

“Teams have initiated recycling schemes within their offices, run campaigns encouraging people to turn off lights or use lab equipment efficiently, increased communication on green issues and encouraged colleagues to cycle to work, amongst other things. They have shown great enthusiasm and made a difference in their areas. We look forward to seeing how they all progress next year, and welcome new teams to join in and make a difference in their own offices,” said Aileen Corral, Sustainability Projects Assistant in the University.

“Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility either at home or in the workplace. One of the aims of the Sustainability Action Team is to engage with all staff and students, promote positive behaviour change and to raise awareness of sustainability best practice across the School.  We hoped that we can set up similar groups in all Schools in order that we can learn from each other.  We also have an email resource for staff and students to share ideas and send suggestions for change.  We all have a role to play and in this together!!” said Letty Gibson, SLS Research School Laboratory Services Manager.

How the Programme Works

Staff and students can all get involved by forming a team and signing up online. You can then access a workbook of simple actions to help make your office or lab space greener. Pick the workbook which is most relevant to yourself (office, students, S-Lab). Each workbook can be adapted so that it is appropriate for your respective area. You will start at bronze level and work your way up. If you manage to complete all of the actions, you will receive an award! For those amongst you who are extra keen, there are even bonus actions you can complete.

Students can also get involved by becoming auditors. They will receive IEMA approved training and gain experience for their CV by completing an audit for the teams that took part. This year eight people completed the training and audits.

The scheme is open to both staff and students. If you are interested in getting involved, please sign up online at or contact

How to get involved in the School of Life Sciences

SLS has a Sustainability Action Team (SAT) in order to create a lasting sustainable behaviour change. The group will work on sustainable actions within the School, sharing ideas of how we can improve. SAT will then raise awareness, encourage staff to get involved, identify local Sustainability Champions and Waste Warriors who will get hands on.

From SAT, we want to:

  1. Develop a “School of Life Sciences Sustainability Strategy” with “Sustainability Action Plan” identifying “Sustainability Development Goals”.  
  2. Develop a resource to show where we are to date, actions in place and improvements made.
  3. Communicate monthly updates to staff.

For those interested in joining SAT or have any suggestions to improve sustainability, please email:

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