Gold award for Bonnie Dundee group

Published on 5 December 2022

The city-wide Bonnie Dundee group won a gold award this year for their work on the wildflower project

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Trudy Cunningham, Estates and Buildings, is chair of the city-wide Bonnie Dundee group and the University is an active participant.

This year the group won a gold award for the Wildflower project.

Trudy explains the project: "We look after areas across the city. In the city centre we look after all containers and apple trees at Dundee Science centre, Union Street, West Port, Garden at the rear of Overgate, and a plot at Slessor garden as well as a number of other projects. We distribute over 200 packets of Seeds of Hope across the city."

The group has also worked with the Eden project so our small areas of wildflowers link with the larger areas planted by City and Eden, creating Bee-lines.