Giving something back - Alexei Matveyev

Published on 4 February 2020

Alexei Matveyev completed his BSc Business Economics with Marketing degree and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Manager for IBM UK, a role which he started in 2012.

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Alexei's job involves working with public sector, retail and consumer products industries for the UK and Ireland. He works to deliver an excellent customer journey to potential clients and identifying IBM solutions as the ones to choose. 

As part of his degree, Alexei chose to mix his business, marketing and economics modules, with those in applied computing and technology and it was this approach that led him to a career in IBM. 

Since 2019, Alexei has generously given back to the School through his time and support. He has been very helpful in setting up our new Student Marketing Society and he has engaged with the students in a number of ways. He has also started to link the students up with the Marketing Society of Scotland who are in a position to offer a wide range of support to our students.

"I am delighted to be back involved and I look forward to working with the University and their marketing society in the future."

“The people I met and friendships I made in Dundee were the most important aspect for me. Many of these friendships continue to this day, 16 years on from when I first started.”

Alexei Matveyev


Press Office, University of Dundee

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