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Funding award for project that helps the world go green

Published on 1 November 2021

A University of Dundee project that assists developing countries with the transition to green energy has received a funding award from the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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The Energy Hub Plus, based within the University’s Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy (CEPMLP), helps governments to utilise natural resources to improve energy access to citizens.

It has received an RSE COP26 International Climate Change Network Grant worth almost £10,000 to continue its work in helping more countries become less dependent on fossil fuels.

Two of the nations that are the focus of the Centre’s work are Bangladesh, which is dependent upon natural gas and coal and is at risk from rising sea levels, and Uganda, where there is a dependency on wood-fuelled fires in domestic homes, which is driving deforestation across the country.

Peter Cameron, Professor of International Energy Law and Policy and Director of the CEPMLP, said, “Tackling the climate crisis involves engaging with countries in the Global South and identifying new strategies for low income countries to meet their development goals in a decarbonising global economy.

“The Royal Society of Edinburgh has supported research at CEPMLP/University of Dundee into sustainable energy solutions in Uganda and Bangladesh which will be presented at COP26, along with a series of policy papers for participants.

“In terms of outcomes, our research - carried out by graduate students from the Uganda and Nigeria - helps to map out a more sustainable future for these countries, in terms of adaptation and mitigation of the worst impacts of climate change, providing policy-makers with evidence-based recommendations and options for change.”


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