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Dundee clubs together to tackle racism

Published on 15 October 2019

Students and staff from the University of Dundee will go head-to-head in a friendly football match this month to support the battle against racism.

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Players from Dundee FC and Dundee United FC will be on hand to help referee the game.

Jim Spence, University Rector, said recent international fixtures have shed light on the need to constantly tackle racism.

“It’s almost beyond belief that in 2019 this garbage still happens, that people are still discriminated against for the colour of their skin. The battle against racism is ceaseless and has to be refought every day.

“I think the vast amount of decent people are fighting racism but sometimes it needs to be fought more loudly and in the strongest possible terms, we need to remind fans and footballers that this isn’t acceptable behaviour in a civilised society.

“United and Dundee have very kindly offered a player to referee each half, which is brilliant as it will save my legs. But one of the things I am keen to do as Rector is to continue the great relationship between the University and these two brilliant local football clubs.”

The match, which takes place on Wednesday 30 October, is organised by the student-led African-Caribbean Society (ACS) and the Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA). It is one of five major events taking place across the University to commemorate Black History Month, including a film screening, pub quiz and open mic night.

Izuin Hanis, Vice President of Engagement at DUSA, said, “Football can unite people around the world and it is prominent in so many people’s lives. The campaign we are supporting is crucial around the world and we are delighted to be able to join forces with Show Racism the Red Card, our local football teams and the wider Dundee community to show how together we can tackle racism head-on.”

Students from across Tayside are encouraged to take part in the match. Those interested have until Wednesday 23 October to sign up.


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