Dr Ahmed Ghazwani, PhD success at UDOTS

Published on 19 February 2024

Dr Ahmed Ghazwani completed his PhD research topic, entitled “Biomechanical analysis of Pilates participants and its implication in rehabilitation” in February 2024. His research was supervised by Dr Weijie Wang and Dr Graham Arnold (UDOTS).

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Ahmed, who hails from Saudi Arabia, began his PhD in January 2020 after gaining an MSc in Motion Analysis at the University of Dundee. His PhD project explored the relationship between Pilates exercise and its effect on walking, posture balance, and muscle strength in the lower limbs. He has been active during his time in Dundee, attending two international conferences (International Conference on the Future Scot Health and Care Transformation held in Glasgow, March 2023, and Medical and Health Sciences held in Edinburgh, April 2023). Ahmed has also published a research paper in the International Journal of Orthopaedic Research (2023). His PhD thesis provides an important reference for coaches, and clinicians, in terms of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Everyone at UDOTS would like to congratulate Ahmed and wish him every success in his future career.

Ahmed commented: 

I am grateful for the congratulations and well wishes from everyone at UDOTS. I am determined to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained during my time here to make a positive impact in the field of biomechanics and rehabilitation. I would like to acknowledge the significant impact that both Dr Wang and Dr Arnold have had on my academic and professional development. Their supervision has been invaluable, and I am grateful for their support throughout my PhD study. 

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its unwavering trust and generous scholarship. The invaluable financial and emotional support has played a pivotal role in facilitating my academic pursuits and has had a profound impact on both me and my family. The scholarship programme has not only provided me with the means to pursue higher education but also instilled in me a sense of responsibility and dedication to contribute to the betterment of my country.”

Dr Weijie Wang added: 

I am pleased to see that Ahmed has completed his PhD study. His thesis has highlighted many interesting points to be explored further. From his background in physiotherapy, he has worked hard to learn a lot of new technologies and I hope that this new knowledge and skills will help him move forward in his chosen career. I hope to collaborate with Ahmed in the future to develop future research projects.”


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