Disability and Employability Research project

Published on 17 May 2024

The Careers Service recently undertook a research project to improve disability-specific careers support.

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To increase the inclusion of disabled students and graduates and aid their success within the graduate job market, the University of Dundee Careers Service recently undertook a mixed methods research project. 

Using an online survey, the Careers Service consulted with disabled students on the barriers that they face within employment and their knowledge and use of existing University of Dundee resources, to identify gaps in current practice. 

The Careers Service then worked collaboratively with disabled students through interviews to co-produce recommendations for the improvement of disability-specific careers support, better aligned with their distinct needs and aspirations. 

Additionally, the Careers Service reviewed the provision of disability-specific careers support across UK Higher Education Institutions’ to identify best practice.  The Careers Service has since compiled an array of online resources for disabled students, and is working to implement new forms of disability-specific careers support over coming months – based on student concerns and preferences. 

The full report is available to download.


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