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Cost of living support for students

Published on 21 November 2022

We know that many students are already struggling with the cost of living crisis and will be concerned that things may get more difficult as we move into winter.

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This situation has led to discussions between DUSA and the University about ways in which we can help students to navigate the current crisis.

As a result, we can announce several measures that we hope will ease the pressure through increased hardship funding, alleviation of digital poverty, and the provision of free breakfasts and a campus pantry to help ensure students can eat while their budgets are stretched.

The breakfasts will be available at DUSA’s Air Bar from Wednesday 23 November. This will take place at 8.30-10.30am each Monday-Friday for the remainder of Semester One and all of Semester Two to allow students to obtain a free breakfast in warm surroundings.

Monday 5 December will see the launch of the launch of the campus pantry, stocked with non-perishable foodstuffs and toiletries.

DUSA will very shortly share further operational details regarding the breakfasts and pantry, but we want to emphasise that no one who would benefit from these services should feel in any way embarrassed about using them. These are extremely challenging times and there should be no stigma attached to services designed to help those most in need of support.

These initiatives from DUSA have been put in place following work with the University to prioritise what practical help will be most useful to students. The University has also committed an extra £100,000 to its hardship funds to support students facing financial difficulties as well as purchasing 150 laptops for allocation to those whose circumstances threatened to disrupt their studies. Please contact for more information about how to access this support.

Joint work between DUSA and Student Services will help ensure delivery of these programmes, and ongoing collaboration with the University will explore further ways to support students.

In addition, the University’s Development team are focusing this year’s Giving Tuesday and telephone campaigns around the cost of living issue and will be encouraging alumni and donors to provide further funding to help students.

If you are struggling with the cost of living crisis, either financially or in terms of your physical and mental health, please reach out to the teams designed to support you through difficult times. Details of these services can be found at the end of this message.


Professor Blair Grubb, Vice Principal (education)
Nyasha Mutembwa, DUSA President


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