Congratulations to all Law School prize winners for 2022

Published on 17 October 2022

Dundee Law School has celebrated their first in person prizegiving event since 2019.

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Dr Sarah Hendry handing out Dundee Law School awards

Hosted by Dr Sarah Hendry, Head of Law at Dundee University. The event held on campus In Scrymgeour Hall gave students a chance to celebrate with their friends, family and academics who have supported them along the way.

Dr Hendry, said, “Prizewinning is one of the highlights of our year! It is lovely to be able to celebrate the successes of our students with their families and friends, and to have an in-person event after the past few years.

“We are fortunate to have a significant number of prizes for students across all levels and subject areas, often endowed by our alumni, or by law publishers. . Our Diploma prizes are often given by local firms which employ our graduates.”

Colin Reid, Professor of Law at Dundee said, “It is always wonderful to celebrate the success of our students, and to meet their parents and others who have supported them on their way. Being able to celebrate with the students in person was a wonderful experience after several years of doing so at a distance.”

Winner of the Oxford University Press Prize, Hannah Jefferelli was able to share the special moment with her parents who had travelled from Malaysia, she said, “Receiving an email from the law school about winning the Oxford University Press Prize (Best English Law Student) at 8pm in Malaysia with my family came as a total surprise."

Hannah Jefferelli with her parents holding her School of Law award
“First year came with its own challenges, but I’m grateful to be able to close that chapter on a happy note with this prize. I am indebted to the Law School staff, especially my advisor of studies, who have continuously supported and spurred me on. Being able to receive this achievement alongside my parents, whose travel dates coincided, is a moment I do not take for granted. My parents had faith in me as a 16 year old coming to Dundee alone during a pandemic, and this was the perfect way to show them that I settled in just fine, and that Dundee Law School was the right choice.”

Winner of the Oxford University Press Prize, Hannah Jefferelli

A group of Law School award winners holding their awards in the Law Library

Dundee Law School prize winners


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