Changing leadership of Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Division

Published on 30 May 2023

Kate Storey is stepping down from co-leadership of the Division of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology (MCDB). Jens Januschke will join Tom Owen-Hughes as joint divisional lead.

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Kate was head of Cell and Developmental Biology (CDB) for over 10 years before working with Tom Owen-Hughes to unite the Divisions of CDB and Gene Regulation and Expression to form MCDB in 2022.

Kate said “Leading CDB has been an honour - it was always a collaboration of scientists deeply committed Cell and Developmental Biology. Together we recruited and mentored Principal Investigators with interests in epithelial cell biology, differentiation, and morphogenesis. Live tissue imaging is core to our research and, jointly with the Dundee Imaging Facility and the support of Wellcome, we established the Tissue Imaging Facility. Much of our work now involves stem cells and with Dr Lindsay Davidson, we have also developed the Human Pluripotent Cell Facility”.

“It has been a privilege and very enjoyable to work with my deputies over the years (Arno Müller, Inke Näthke and Jens Januschke), and more recently with Tom Owen-Hughes as we brought our two divisions together in a new coalition of tissue, cell and molecular biologists”.

Kate will become interim deputy alongside Tomo Tanaka until Liz Miller joins MCDB in the Autumn and takes over the role.

“I very much welcome Jens and Liz in their new roles. I look forward to supporting them at the upcoming quinquennial review.”  

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