Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony

Published on 28 March 2024

The Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony celebrates the finest in student sport at the University of Dundee, across the country, and recognises achievements by students for their competitive success or club commitments as a volunteer.

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Blues and Colours are prestigious awards and are presented to those who attain an exceptionally high standard of performance in their sport. Each club sets its criteria for minimum standard required to achieve a Full Blue, Half Blue or Colour.

From our athletes competing nationally on the world sporting stage representing Scotland or regionally representing the university, to those who have gone above and beyond in their chosen sport giving that extra time to advance the development of their club; it is so important to recognise achievement, comradery, and positivity in student sport at the University of Dundee!

This year, the Blues and Colours Awards Ceremony took place on Thursday 28 March in Bonar Hall.

From our top performing athletes to our volunteers, who without them clubs and member satisfaction would not be a success, there were over 100 awards presented throughout the evening, each celebrating all that is sport at the University of Dundee.


A Merit is awarded to athletes, club committee members or officials who have acted above and beyond what is required of them in their club position and who have shown outstanding dedication to their club. 

  • Archery - Gabriella Saksono
  • Badminton - Lisa Milne
  • Basketball Women’s - Ellie Campbell
  • Basketball Women’s - Rina Demaj 
  • Boat - Eilidh McMenamin 
  • Canoe - Anna Young
  • Cheerleading - Allen Loe 
  • Cycling - Joseph Usher
  • Dance - Tara Lee
  • Football Men’s - Glyn Hodnett
  • Gymnastics - Barbara Beaty
  • Gymnastics – Charlotte Cobb
  • Gymnastics – Lucy Cowie
  • Hockey Men’s - Cameron Ogilvie
  • Hockey Men’s - Danny Tandon
  • Hockey Women’s – Elise Reed
  • Hockey Women’s – Hannah Dreghorn
  • Hockey Women’s - Holly Hendry
  • Hockey Women’s - Isabella Ackerly
  • Lacrosse - Clara McEwan 
  • Lacrosse – Dylan Munro
  • Rugby Men’s - Mark Simms
  • Rugby Women’s - Lorraine Wright
  • Sailing - Euan Urquhart
  • Ski - Arya Jogi
  • Surf - Clover Christopherson
  • Surf - Isabella Faltrick
  • Surf - Kasey West
  • Swimming and Waterpolo - Jason Kerr 
  • Swimming and Waterpolo – Kelly Meyer
  • Tennis - Rachel Broderick
  • Trampoline - Sofiya Mason
  • Trampoline - Wiktoria Lewandowska
  • Triathlon - Harry Grant
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Antoine Andrea Bonfili Caïozzi
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Jai Qui Ng 
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Robert Johnston
  • Volleyball - Eric Tang
  • Volleyball – Lisa Cat Adeline Parienti
  • Volleyball – Millie Stobie Platts 
  • Volleyball – Sarah Kung 
  • Weightlifting – Aidan Kellock

Graham Healy Student Coach of the Year Award

The trophy honours the memory of Graham Healy, who served as a dedicated coach for our Boxing Club for over a decade and was a passionate advocate for student sport. The award recognises the quality, commitment and contribution of students involved in coaching a university sports club.

This year's recipient has over eight years of competitive experience in their sport. Last academic year, they took on coaching responsibilities for W2 while continuing to play for the M1 team.

W2 comprises many players who are new to the sport, requiring this coach to invest significant time and patience to make a meaningful impact on the team. The award winner went above and beyond by providing additional coaching outside of regular training sessions to enhance the skills of players in need. This exceptional commitment has boosted the team's confidence and led to increased victories.

Numerous members of both the team and the club have praised this coach for their invaluable support, which extends beyond the team they directly coach to benefit other club members as well.

This year's Graham Healy Student Coach of the Year award goes to Hou Kin Chan from the University of Dundee Volleyball Club.

James Boyle Shield

The James Boyle Shield is named in honour of the 1999 Sports Union President and recognises exceptional volunteer service by a sports club member within the University.

This year's award recipient has been a committed member of their club for four years and, as the current President, has accomplished several noteworthy initiatives. Firstly, they launched a 'pay-it-forward scheme' aimed at nurturing beginner players within the club. This innovative approach allows BUCS team players to give back to the club by coaching or refereeing, thereby fostering continuous improvement among novice players.

In addition to this, our winner introduced 'clans' to promote a stronger sense of community within the club. This initiative pairs older members with younger ones, ensuring that all 220 members feel a sense of belonging and that their voices are heard.

Beyond these initiatives, the award recipient has volunteered to organise the summer league, competed in BUCS, coordinated a 12-hour Volleyball fundraiser, assisted with coaching, and consistently dedicated their time to their committee role both this year and in previous years.

This year's James Boyle Shield recipient is Ana Jurado Santos from the University of Dundee Volleyball Club.

Alasdair Lonie Trophy

This award was established through a generous bequest from Alasdair Lonie, a dedicated and enthusiastic supporter of the Sports Union who had affiliations with the Table Tennis, Judo, and Rugby clubs. The award recognises a student who has made a significant competitive and/or volunteering contribution across various sports and/or clubs.

This year's recipient is actively involved in the university community, participating in two sports clubs and one society. In their engagement with these sports clubs, they have not only been a valuable player but also a committed committee member for both.

The award winner serves as the treasurer for both the University of Dundee Tennis Club and the University of Dundee Futsal Club. Despite their treasurer responsibilities, they generously volunteer numerous hours to support the clubs and assist other committee members. In the Tennis Club, they consistently contribute to organising social tennis training sessions, ensuring a friendly and inclusive environment for all members. Similarly, within the Futsal Club, they willingly take on additional responsibilities, assisting with team trials and coaching both teams.

This year's Alasdair Lonie Trophy recipient is Sam Waddle from the University of Dundee Tennis Club and University of Dundee Futsal Club.

Coach of the Year

The Coach of the Year award is given to the coach who has had the most significant impact within their club, whether through on-court achievements or off-court contributions to team spirit.

This year's recipient has focused on two main areas: the organisation and development of BUCS teams, as well as the nurturing of development squads.

Under this coach's guidance, a BUCS M1 team reached the semi-finals of tier 1, with the potential to advance to the Premier North Division. Additionally, the BUCS W1 team claimed victory in the SSS Conference Cup. These remarkable accomplishments are not only a cause for celebration within the club and teams but also warrant recognition and celebration by the entire University community.

Recognising the club's extensive development squad, the coach established a development hitting squad to ensure all players have equitable opportunities for growth. This initiative has provided a clear pathway for players to transition to a BUCS squad.

Moreover, this coach actively engages with players across all levels, offering supportive and constructive feedback that enhances their development. They are an inspiring mentor who imparts tactical knowledge and skills, including opponent analysis, to their players.

This year's Coach of the Year is Sean Berthelsen from University of Dundee Tennis Club.

Allan Findlay Trophy

This trophy commemorates Allan Findlay, who, as the president of the Cycling club, motivated and inspired his fledgling club to compete in BUCS. Under his guidance, the club secured a BUCS team bronze and an individual BUCS Gold medal. Therefore, this award honours individuals who demonstrate exceptional inspiration and dedication to university sports.

This year's recipient has been an indispensable and irreplaceable member of both their committee and club. Serving as both captain and coach, they have been instrumental in ensuring the team's training and development. Thanks to their efforts, the club has successfully trained four new judges and five new coaches, prioritising club development at every turn.

Consistently attending all competitions, the award winner provides unwavering support and encouragement to club members. Despite facing personal challenges, they remain a beacon of positivity and dedication, consistently striving to advance the club.

This year's Allan Findlay Trophy recipient is Criostai Pringle from the University of Dundee Trampoline Club.

Jamie Shannon Quaich

This trophy honours Jamie Shannon, who served as President of the Volleyball Club during the 2014/15 academic year. Throughout his four-year tenure with the club, Jamie's welcoming demeanour and unparalleled enthusiasm enhanced the experience of club members, making it extra special for everyone involved.

Jamie's exceptional rapport with and support for his fellow members were evident from his first year. This award recognises a first-year student who, like Jamie, makes a significant impact on their club through their vibrant personality and dedicated volunteering efforts.

This year's recipient entered the sport with prior experience competing for Great Britain in a different discipline. Since joining the club in September, this first-year student has demonstrated remarkable commitment. They have attended coaching courses to expand the club's training opportunities and foster future development. Feedback from those coached by them has been overwhelmingly positive, as this award winner instils confidence and creates a comfortable environment for members to explore and try new things.

Furthermore, they consistently volunteer to assist with joint training sessions involving other universities.

This year's winner of the Jamie Shannon Quaich is Jonathon Henderson from the University of Dundee Trampoline Club.

Aaron McEwen Sakura Quaich

This Quaich commemorates Aaron McEwen, a pivotal member of the Judo Club during his university years. Aaron inspired club members in various ways, from skill improvement and personal development to encouraging confidence in tackling new challenges. Respected for his modesty, courage, and sincerity, Aaron left a lasting impact within his club and the broader sporting community.

This award recognises the efforts of a club or individual who has championed, enriched, or fostered positive mental health and wellbeing.

The club honoured with this award has made significant strides in prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of its members this academic year. They initiated a Wellbeing Week, created a Wellbeing Pack, and introduced "Chilled Tuesdays."

Wellbeing Week, held in November, was strategically planned to address burnout and stress, issues that were brought to the committee's attention by club members. Throughout the week, the committee organised activities from Monday to Sunday, focusing on various aspects of health and wellbeing while fostering positive relationships within the club.

The Wellbeing Pack, developed in conjunction with Wellbeing Week, is a comprehensive guide covering sexual health, finances, and self-care. It also includes information on the support services available to students on campus, bridging the gap between the club and the University.

The club's "Chilled Tuesdays" initiative, which emerged from the popularity of Wellbeing Week, promotes relaxed social gatherings for all members. These activities range from study sessions and coffee clubs to arts and crafts nights.

This year's winner of the Aaron McEwen Sakura Quaich is the University of Dundee Dance Club.


To be awarded a Colour, athletes need to serve and play for their club for at least two years and to be regular 1st team members where appropriate. They should also have played 85% of university matches and their ability should be such as to ensure their place in the team in the face of competition. No account will be made of administrative ability in the awarding of Colours.

  • Basketball Men’s – Adam Oswald 
  • Basketball Men’s – James Herries 
  • Basketball Women’s – Mimi King 
  • Cycling - Rory La Trobe
  • Dance - Hannah Shedden 
  • Dance – Katie Stirling 
  • Dance – Lucy Connor 
  • Football Men’s – Owen Gray 
  • Football Men’s – Thomas Sweeney 
  • Football Women’s – Anna Ramsay 
  • Football Women’s – Megan Colvan 
  • Golf – Ben Connolly 
  • Golf – Christian Barbour 
  • Golf – William Chester 
  • Hockey Men’s - Hanru Wehmeyer 
  • Hockey Men’s - Rory Evans 
  • Hockey Women’s - Julia MacMillen 
  • Hockey Women’s - Nadia Blaikie 
  • Netball - Abigail Cobbett 
  • Rugby Men’s – Craig Affleck 
  • Rugby Men’s – Max Gillespie 
  • Rugby Men’s – Toby Hurst 
  • Rugby Women’s – Emma Lumsden 
  • Rugby Women’s – Jenna Milne 
  • Sailing – Fergus Wilson 
  • Squash – Akash Sachdev
  • Swimming and Water polo – Chrysovalantis Pavlou 
  • Swimming and Water polo – Eve Meadows 
  • Swimming and Water polo – Jasmine Hartley 
  • Swimming and Water polo – Jason Kerr 
  • Swimming and Water polo – Nick Parsons
  • Tennis – Eilidh Lee
  • Tennis – Matthew Gibson-Smith 
  • Trampoline – Freya Graham 
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Emma McPherson
  • Ultimate Frisbee – Sarah McMahon 
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Harry Grant 
  • Volleyball – Arianna Foglino 
  • Volleyball – Hou Kin Chan 
  • Volleyball – Lisa Cat Adeline Parienti
  • Volleyball – Mazzimo Hector Pribadi
  • Weightlifting – Eilidh Gilchrist 
  • Weightlifting – Thomas Gillen

Half Blues

Half Blues are awarded to athletes for playing well above the average standard for a University of Dundee 1st team. A Half Blue should be a squad member for a Scottish Universities representative team. A Half Blue winner should also have played in at least 75% of the fixtures for the University of Dundee 1st team for two years. No account will be made of administrative ability in the awarding of Half Blues.

  • Athletics – Michael Sanderson 
  • Dance – Amy Kilgore
  • Dance – Vicky Beith 
  • Tennis – Chris Horgan 
  • Tennis – Varada Kamate

Full Blues

A Full Blue is awarded to athletes of outstanding ability judged by standards applicable to students’ different sports. A Full Blue athlete should have been selected as a first choice for a Scottish Universities representative team for two seasons. A Full Blue’s skill performance should be of an international standard and in some sports, it is necessary for athletes to play for British or National sides. A Full Blue should also have played in at least 75% of the fixtures for the University of Dundee 1st team for two years. No account will be made of administrative ability in the awarding of Full Blues.

  • Archery – Racheal Chin
  • Canoe – Aaron White 
  • Dance – Aliyah Groves 
  • Surf – Clover Christopherson 
  • Swimming and Water polo – Andrea Cox

Alastair Sankey Memorial Quaich

This trophy honours Alastair Sankey, who, during his first year, represented the university swimming club at the highest competitive level. The Quaich is bestowed upon a first-year student who demonstrates an exceptional contribution to university-level competitive sports.

This year's recipient of the Alastair Sankey Memorial Quaich is a first-year student who has excelled in their sporting endeavours, bringing great value and enthusiasm to the University of Dundee.

Not only does this individual compete for the University of Dundee, but they also play for St Johnstone W.F.C. Additionally, they have previously competed in the Scottish Women’s Premier League 2 and with Boroughmuir Thistle FC. This extensive and impressive background makes them one of the most valuable players on their first team, known for their exceptional ball retention skills on the pitch.

With unparalleled technical abilities, this winner is a valuable asset to both their team and club.

This year's Alastair Sankey Memorial Quaich winner is Elvie McLean from the University of Dundee Women’s Football Club.

Stewart Campbell Trophy and Scholar of the Year

Stewart Campbell, a student of the University, represented Scotland in the Five Nations rugby championship. Since he did not compete for a university team, Stewart was not eligible for a university sports award. This trophy was created to celebrate sporting excellence by a student competing outside of inter-university competitions.

This year's Stewart Campbell Trophy recipient is a first-year student who has also garnered such remarkable sporting achievements that she has been named the University of Dundee Sport Scholar of the Year.

This award acknowledges the contributions of members of the University of Dundee Sport Scholarship programme to the university's culture of sporting and academic excellence. Athletes supported by the scholarship programme aim for international representation in their sport while pursuing their studies at the university. The award recognises an athlete who excels both academically and athletically.

This year's winner for both of these awards is Natasha Phillips. Unfortunately, Natasha could not be with us tonight as she has been selected to compete at the World Cross Country Championships in Belgrade as part of the British Team. Natasha holds the U20 European and British Half Marathon records, with an impressive time of 71 minutes and 19 seconds.

Among Natasha's notable achievements are her first place finishes in the U20 British Cross Challenge and the Celtic Nations cross country events. She also secured a 5th place in the London International Cross Country while competing for Team Scotland.

Sportsman of the Year

This award recognises our top-performing male athlete who has demonstrated outstanding competitive achievements throughout the year and has shown exceptional dedication to their sport.

This year's Sportsman of the Year competes in BUCS for the University of Dundee and participates in numerous international races.

The athlete triumphed in the Moriston Enduro race, considered the UK's toughest race. This gruelling 3-hour endurance event requires paddlers to carry their boats back to the starting point and complete as many laps as possible within the time limit. Our Sportsman of the Year clinched the first-place title in this challenging race.

Additionally, this athlete secured first place in the sprint category and second place in the ironman event at the Nesk Race. They have also travelled internationally to compete in various races and hold the distinction of being the youngest athlete to complete one of the world's most challenging kayaking expeditions in Kyrgyzstan.

Watch a brief video of Aaron showcasing his exceptional skills.

Sportswoman of the Year

This award honours our top-performing female athlete who has demonstrated outstanding competitive achievements throughout the year and has displayed exceptional dedication to her sport.

The recipient of this award began her sporting journey just three years ago as a complete novice. She now holds all three British Under 23 and Scottish Senior records in the women’s 45kg category for the Snatch, Clean Jerk, and total. She is a member of the GB Junior and U23 training squad, attending training sessions in Nottingham four times a year. Most recently, she has been chosen to join the GB European Age-group training program.

Additionally, this athlete is part of the Scotland Commonwealth Games training squad. Keep an eye out for this year's Sportswoman of the Year at the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Watch a brief video of Alex showcasing her remarkable skills and achievements.

The Final Three

The final three awards were announced at the Blues and Colours Sports Ball on Friday 29 March.

Congratulations are in order for:

Team of the Year

  • Surf (Women’s)

Most Progressive Club

  • Volleyball

Club of the Year

  • Dance


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