Balancing the Scales: How would you evaluate evidence as a Juror?

Published on 6 October 2022

We are looking for people to play the role of a juror to help with some research to better understand juror evidence evaluation in the justice system. Help us improve the criminal justice system!

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Decisions are difficult – how would you weigh up the evidence in a criminal case? Would you trust it?

In the criminal justice system, jurors are the ultimate guardians of a verdict, and this evidence evaluation process is a crucial element. This is part of a research study looking at decision making in the justice system.

We need your help with some research to understand how jurors evaluate evidence in criminal trials. We are looking for people to play the role of a juror and tell us how they would attribute values of trust, legitimacy, and weight to different evidence types in different cases.


Participate in the research project, "Balancing the Scales: How Potential Jurors Attribute Trust, Legitimacy, and Weight to Different Evidence Types".


This study is being undertaken by Simon-Lewis Menzies as part of a PhD project at the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Dundee.

Everyone in the UK is welcome to participate. It will take around 15 minutes to complete.

Simon-Lewis Menzies

PhD student

+44 (0)1382 388091

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