Annual third year PhD poster session winners announced

Published on 3 December 2020

The annual third year PhD poster session took place this week on-line.

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There were excellent entries from 41 students across the School. Each poster was judged by three of the 14 judges, who included PIs and senior postdoctoral researchers – very many thanks to all who took part! This year was incredibly competitive with many excellent posters and the winners are:

1st Prize went jointly to Patricia McAllister (with Sarah McKim in Plant Sciences) poster entitled, “BODYGUARD plays a crucial role at the barley epidermis” and to Matthias Toman (with Tom Owen-Hughes in GRE) poster entitled “Structural and biochemical characterisation of human SWI/SNF-related chromatin remodelling complexes” 

2nd Prize went jointly to Lee Armstrong (with Dr Yogesh Kulathu in MRCPPU) poster entitled “Investigation and Inhibition of Activity of the Papain-like Protease from SARS-CoV-2” and to Margarita Kalamara (with Nicola Stanley-Wall in MMB & collaborator Kate McPhee, University of Edinburgh) poster entitled “Biofilm hydrophobicity in environmental isolates of Bacillus subtilis” 

3rd Prize went jointly to Kerryn Bernsden (with Dario Alessi/Miratul Muqit, MRCPPU/ Tilo Kunath, University of Edinburgh) poster entitled “Investigating the role of PPM1H phosphatase in the LRRK2 pathway”, and to Julia Wcislo (with Kevin Read/Mike Ferguson in BCDD), poster entitled “Chagas’ disease: A new approach for identifying the localization of the remaining Trypanosoma cruzi in organs of chronically infected mice directly after drug treatment”. 

The winners will each receive prizes (1st £125, 2nd £75, 3rd £50) from this year’s event sponsors IKA. 

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