Annual 3rd year PhD poster session winners announced

Published on 8 November 2021

The annual third year PhD poster session took place last week on-line, with excellent entries from 21 students across the School.

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Each poster was judged by three of the 12 judges, who included PIs and senior postdoctoral researchers – very many thanks to all who took part and congratulations on setting such high standards. Thanks also to FLUOROCHEM who kindly sponsored the event.

This year was incredibly competitive with many excellent posters and enthusiastic presentations. The judges were really tasked with a difficult job. The winners are :

  • 1st Prize went to Emma Sands (with Mattie Pawlowic in BCDD) poster entitled, ' Studying Oocyst Formation in the Parasite Cryptosporidium parvum'
  • 2nd Prize went to Vivien Shek (with Henry McSorley in CSI)  poster entitled, ' Targeted Identification of New Parasite Immunomodulators Against Allergic Asthma'
  • 3rd Prize went to Tom Snelling (with Sir Philip Cohen's Lab in MRC-PPU) poster entitled, ' Identification of new components of the cytosolic ADP-heptose - ALPK1 - TIFA innate immune signalling pathway'

The winners will each receive prizes (1st £125, 2nd £75, 3rd £50) from this year’s event sponsors Fluorochem.

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