Angus Scott embraces his remote internship

Published on 9 September 2020

Customer Service and Business Strategy Internship at American Express

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“In November 2019, I was on the search for summer internships. I thought it would be important in my penultimate year to try find some practical business experience to see what the prospect of a graduate role would be like. After a detailed search, I focused on the Customer Service and Business Strategy internship at American Express. ”

Angus Scott

"I had always enjoyed business operations and strategy modules at University and the programme captures all aspects of the business from customer interactions to supply chain management to strategic operations. After my initial application, video interview and then assessment centre at their Brighton office – I was told in December 2019 that I had been accepted on to the internship.

The original plan was a 10-week internship, where I would be re-locating down to Brighton and being physically in office with 6 other interns. Due to this crazy year, that sadly was not an option. I am lucky that American Express was able to completely re-structure their programme to be one that was completely virtual. This involved sending us all out laptops, reducing the timeframe to 6 weeks and giving us extra mentorship and support while working virtually."


a goody bag from American express including a bag and water bottle

"In the 6 weeks, we would spend time within one specific team while also having multiple workshops, meetings, speakers and ‘town halls’. The team that I was designated was the ‘Global Real Estate and Workplace Experience’ (GREWE) team. The best way to describe briefly what the team does is ensuring that offices allow for a safe, productive and flexible atmosphere for all employees while also maximising the asset value of real estate. Some projects I saw live while at American Express were the building completion of the new Paris office, EMEA wide Return to Office projects and re-structuring of UK office plans.

My personal projects involved working with many different aspects of the business, working with global stakeholders to ensure that the project goals were met. I spearheaded the creation of evidence documents for all EMEA sites to showcase the protocols that were being met for those returning to the office. I also was the Point of Contact for the closure of one of Amex UK office, being the ‘face of the move’. This involved creating a timetable for all staff to come on to site remove personal and departmental belongings and helping with any issues that they may have had. Lastly, I worked with the Workplace Experience team where I helped with the creation and testing of a new in office food delivery app and took part in external negotiations with local business’ in London/Brighton to get discounts for American Express employees."


a goody bag from American express including a cup, mug, notebook and a bag

"The 6 weeks ended in a final presentation to a varied group of different colleagues, leaders and other interns/graduates. This is where we showcased the work we had completed and reflected on our learnings and future development. This was a fantastic experience, not only being able to present to such a distinguished group but to also do it virtually. I feel that this is where the future of work will head, with their being a much bigger push for flexibility and at home working.

From start to finish, I felt that the culture at American Express was one that allowed for clear communication and an ability to question and challenge the status quo. For example, we were encouraged to reach out to people of all backgrounds such as VPs and senior managers and have ‘coffee chats’. This clear and open way to speak to people within the business was a great way to learn insight."

“The internship was a fantastic experience for me and I have been lucky enough to be offered the graduate role starting in 2021. I would recommend to anyone to seek out real life work experience, whether it be a few weeks with a business, a placement, an internship or some shadowing.”

Angus Scott