Angus Lamond appointed the British Society for Proteomics Research Lecturer of the Year 2019-20

Published on 5 September 2019

Professor Angus Lamond has been appointed as the 2019-20 British Society for Proteomics Research (BSPR) Lecturer.

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In this role, the BSPR provides funding to allow Angus to present seminars at Universities and Institutes around the UK to promote research using proteomics technology. As the BSPR Lecturer, Angus is presenting lectures that build on his interests in applying multidimensional proteomics and data science technologies to characterise biological systems and disease mechanisms. The lectures are designed to be accessible to a wide general audience.

Angus has so far delivered BSPR lectures at the University of St Andrews, University of Cambridge, Barts Cancer Institute in London and at the BSPR Annual Conference in Southampton, with further lectures scheduled. The lectures focus on recent data from Angus and his colleagues and collaborators studying the large set of high quality human iPS cell lines developed by the HipSci consortium. This study on iPS cells derived from both healthy human donors, as well as specific disease cohorts of donors with inherited disorders, allows the characterisation of human proteomes in health and disease.

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