Alleviate Project update – new leadership roles

Published on 8 December 2022

The Dundee-led Alleviate – the APDP Pain Research Data Hub (link) – project announces new leadership roles.

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Dr Christian Cole is the new Director following the departure of Professor Emily Jefferson, who is  stepping down for a secondment to HDR UK as Chief Technical Officer

Gordon Milligan is the new Deputy Director taking up the reins of the £2m Alleviate project following the recent departure of Dr Jenni Harrison to a new role in the NHS.

Dr Cole is a Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics at the School Medicine, University of Dundee and leads the research team at the Health Informatics Centre. He has extensive experience of managing informatics teams and data projects.

Gordon Milligan is joining Alleviate having recently completed a role as programme manager on the successful CO-CONNECT project. Alleviate will utilise and enhance the infrastructure built by the CO-CONNECT project and as such Gordon provides invaluable expertise.

The Alleviate project is the national data hub for pain research across the UK, transforming the data landscape to be more discoverable and reusable. There are already 20 datasets from 11 different institutions within the Alleviate theme at the HDR UK Gateway with many more to come over the next 20 months of the project.

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