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Published on 17 May 2021

Aishwarya Tipnis delivered her Masterclass entitled ‘HeritageMaking to make heritage work’ as part of the Centre’s ‘Entrepreneurship Week’ earlier this year.

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The University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship’s Entrepreneurial Masterclasses offer advanced insights into the career journeys of successful entrepreneurs who have become leaders in their own fields, including many of our own graduates. Aishwarya Tipnis, School of Social Sciences alumna, and extremely successful entrepreneur, delivered her Masterclass entitled ‘HeritageMaking to make heritage work’ as part of the Centre’s ‘Entrepreneurship Week’ earlier this year.

“It always feels special to be asked to do something like this, when you are being recognised for your efforts. The University considered my career progress as something worth sharing with others - that, in itself, was encouraging! I often felt that as a student, there are many questions in your mind, where you don’t know who to ask and that’s one of the reasons why I took the opportunity to share my experiences to those very questions, through the Masterclass.

“I enjoyed the experience of conducting a Masterclass and sharing my experiences, which was made possible by the virtual medium. What was most encouraging for me was to have Dr Anne Cumming (Lecturer, Architecture and Urban Planning, ) who was one of my tutors during my studies, interact with me on the Masterclass and comment on my growth as a professional - the potential she saw in me back then, when I was a student. That was the most rewarding takeaway for me.”

Aishwarya is an architect, educator and heritage conservator based in New Delhi, India. She founded her eponymous practice Aishwarya Tipnis Architects (ATA) in New Delhi, India in 2007, where she is Principal Architect, and more recently in January 2019, she co-founded Jugaadopolis.

An alumna of the School of Planning & Architecture New Delhi, she studied a Master’s Degree in European Urban Conservation at the University of Dundee, graduating in 2007.

Aishwarya has experienced many successes throughout her career, she was the recipient of the highest civilian honour in the culture sector, the insignia of Chevalier Des Arts et Des Lettre (Knight of the Arts and Letters) by the Government of France in 2018 for her outstanding commitment to the preservation of French Heritage in India.

Other achievements include being the recipient of the UNESCO Award for Heritage Conservation in the Asia-Pacific Region (Award of Merit: Mahidpur Fort & Honourable Mention for Doon School, Dehradun) in 2016, a participant of the first edition of the Global Cultural Leadership Programme, and the recipient of the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship 2011 - to name but a few!

Aishwarya Tipnis
“My time at Dundee was a turning point in my career. I was out of my comfort zone; it was the first time that I had been out of my country. I believe it gave me a supportive climate to confidently voice my opinions, to open my mind and learn from my peers and make friends for life.”

Aishwarya Tipnis

“Growing up in India, I was accustomed to a very competitive learning environment. At Dundee, I felt I got the opportunity to thrive, where I was recognised for my talent and my efforts and that really helped me to become self-aware and self-confident to walk the path of entrepreneurship. Reflecting on my time at Dundee, I think the most important quality I built was resilience, a quality I think has made me who I am today.”

Aishwarya has some advice for all budding entrepreneurs.

“Develop a support network of friends, family, teachers and people who you look up to, your ‘go-to’ group of people for advice. There will be very many instances when you will need that advice, sometimes to deal with ethical dilemmas and technical matters that experience can help with. As important as it is to be mentored, it is equally important to mentor too. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, people generally do always want to help!”

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