Aine Bidgood's story

Published on 22 November 2021

Aine is a PGDE Secondary (English) student. She shares her story on what inspired her to become a teacher, what advice she would give someone considering the PGDE course and more. 

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My mother went to the University of Dundee, but I chose to come here because the teaching programme is so highly regarded. The course is intense so far, but you won’t get anything from nothing! 

Everyone assumed that because I had done an English degree, that I was planning on becoming an English teacher. It made me hesitate about going into teaching as it simply wasn’t true, I didn’t decide to pursue teaching for a few years after graduating.  

The turning point was when some of the children in a previous job remarked I would make a great English teacher, which gave me the inspiration to pursue it as a career.  

I wish that the teachers at my school had been more open about sexuality and disability. It simply wasn’t discussed, which led to the assumption that all members of the teaching staff were “able” and heterosexual. Looking back, it would have been nice to have someone who was willing to share their experiences.  I really look forward to being a stable, positive force in my students lives. 

The best things about my course are my tutor, who is a godsend, and my classmates who are all wonderful. We’ve created a lovely little community where we support each other and keep each other’s heads held high. 

When my course began, I spoke with Disability Support and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I really appreciate being given agency as well as support. 

My advice to anyone considering a course or career in teaching is don’t sit back. You’ll gain so much from your fellow students. 


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