Adipa Nilachart

Published on 27 October 2021

Adipa Nilachart from Thailand, graduated from MSc in International Marketing and Management

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As part other degree, Adipa Nilachart took part in the 8-week internship opportunity.

"I found out about the University of Dundee through a study abroad agency in Thailand. I was looking for somewhere I could enjoy my masters and have great surroundings, both on campus and the city itself.

“I chose to study International Marketing and Management. I thought that it would be more theory-based, however, there was a lot of hands-on assignments where we had to put ourselves into that situation. For example, in digital marketing, where we had to create our own website and analyse our clients as if we are an actual company.

“I did an internship with the Pagoda Projects as part of my project module. I worked in the marketing department at Sunrise Events Vietnam, which is a sports event organisation. The company takes care of organising sports events, mainly marathons and triathlons (IRONMAN Vietnam 70.3). There were many options for us to choose from, countries, companies and positions. The companies did the same interview process, like an actual job interview, which helped me with preparation when I applied for jobs after graduation.

“My role was assisting with the sponsorship and activations department and creating posts for their Facebook page. It was a bit disappointing since the internship was during the covid lockdown, I didn’t go to the destination country as I hoped. However, Pagoda Projects tried to accommodate us in any way possible, including several online events, meet ups, and cultural mentors where we got to learn more about the destination country. I was quite satisfied with my experience afterwards. Though I did most of the research for the company, I was able to gain some insights into the industry and learned how to set up PR calendars and other marketing releases.

“Whilst at University, I was a member of Dundee University Volleyball Club and I enjoyed every moment I was a part of. There were many social events that I attended, such as welcome night, Christmas Dinner, Alumni party, etc. I made more friends from the club itself than from my course. Everyone was welcoming and just always tried to have fun as much as possible, which is the whole point of university life. I’m quite a social person, I enjoy meeting people, talking, and discussing different views. At first, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends from the club since everyone has known each other the year before. Surprisingly, I was able to make so many friends and enjoy my masters more than I thought I would.

“I was looking for jobs after I graduated and it took me 9 months to land my first job, which was quite frustrating as it was during the covid pandemic. However, I am now working at Johnnie Walker Princes Street, Edinburgh. The position itself was not ideal, customer service based. I’m currently looking for the opportunity to grow within the company since Johnnie Walker is under Diageo and it’s such a big multinational company.”

Watch a short video which explains more of Adipa’s internship.


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