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Ace student set to serve for Scotland

Published on 21 November 2019

A University of Dundee medical student will serve for Scotland this weekend as he takes on Northern Irish players in top-level table tennis.

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John Hannah will play his way through a weekend of matches as he represents Scotland this Friday night in a team match against the hosts and then will battle for the Ulster Open singles and doubles titles on Saturday 23rd November.

John, who picked up the sport when he was just 10 years-old on holiday in France, said it was a privilege to represent his country at a national level.

“It's a real honour get my first senior Scotland cap after a decade of advancing up the age brackets,” said the 21-year-old from Edinburgh.

“I'm confident we can play our best on Friday and secure a solid win against Northern Ireland.”

John, who also coaches the University and local Dundee players, says balancing his medical degree with his passion for ping pong hasn't been easy but would recommend the sport to anyone interested in trying their hand at it.

“It can definitely get busy with a full-time medical degree but it's something I always do my utmost to make time for,” he explained.

“It's great to see more and more students starting such a rewarding sport. If I can pick it up on a rainy holiday in France and go on to play for Scotland with dedication and practice, you could too.”


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