Postgraduate scholarships for applicants from Southern Asia

A list of scholarships for applicants that will have an International fee status and be domiciled in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka

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2024/25 scholarships

If you are: 

  • classed as International fee status, this usually means you are a non-UK national and a resident in a non-UK country 
  • have an offer to one of our eligible postgraduate courses

You may be eligible for:

  • £2,500 for the first year of study 
  • £3,000 if you are an Alumni 
  • £3,000 bursary if you applied to Islamic Finance course.
  • £4,000 per year of study
  • £5,000 per year of study if you have 1st class degree (or equivalent)
  • £6,000 bursary if you applied to Islamic Finance course and hold 1st class degree (or equivalent)
  • Full tuition fee waiver (application based)

Refer to the scholarship web pages as you may be required to submit an application.