Research Integrity Leads are responsible for promoting a culture of research integrity in their School. In some Schools they are supported by Deputies or Advisors.

They are not intended to be a substitute for Line Managers, supervisors and colleagues in the promotion of good research practice but rather to give an independent point of contact and source of advice for staff and students who would rather speak, at least in the first instance, to someone outside their immediate research environment.

If you want impartial advice on the responsible conduct of research, such as a potential issue that concerns you, or you are considering making an allegation of research misconduct, please contact the Research Integrity Lead or an Advisor from your School. You may also approach a Research Integrity Lead or Advisor from another School (for example, where you perceive your own Research Integrity Lead has a conflict of interest in the matter you wish to discuss).

School Name Role Location
Art and Design  Professor Anthony Head Joint Research Integrity Lead Communication Design, Matthew Building 
Mr Gair Dunlop Joint Research Integrity Lead Contemporary Art Practice, Matthew Building 
Business Dr Ahmed Hassan Ahmed  Research Integrity Lead 1-3 Perth Road, Dundee
Dr Boray Huang Deputy Research Integrity Lead 1-3 Perth Road, Dundee
Dentistry Dr Gavin Revie Research Integrity Lead Dental Hospital and School 
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law Professor Mark Robson Joint Research Integrity Lead Humanities, Tower Building
TBC Joint Research Integrity Lead TBC
Life Sciences      Professor Inke Nathke Research Integrity Lead Cell and Developmental Biology, Medical Science Institute
Dr Rosemary Clarke Research Integrity Advisor Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies, Discovery Centre
Dr Ian Ganley Research Integrity Advisor  MRC PPU Unit, Sir James Black Centre 
Dr Piers Hemsley  Research Integrity Advisor  Division of Plant Sciences, The James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie 
Dr David Murray Research Integrity Advisor  Cell and Developmental Biology, Medical Science Institute
Dr Clive Randall  Research Integrity Advisor  Academic and Corporate Governance, Tower Building 
Dr Marios Stavridis  Research Integrity Advisor  D'Arcy Thompson Unit, Carnelley Building 
Medicine     Professor Albena Dinkova-Kostova Research Integrity Lead Division of Cellular Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Tricia Burns  Research Integrity Advisor Tayside Medical Science Centre, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Professor James Chalmers Research Integrity Advisor Division of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Dr Jenni Harvey Research Integrity Advisor Division of Systems Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Professor Calum Sutherland Research Integrity Advisor Division of Cellular Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Health Sciences  Dr Nicola Gray Research Integrity Lead 11 Airlie Place, Dundee
Dr Alison Munro Deputy Research Integrity Lead 11 Airlie Place, Dundee
Science & Engineering  Dr Chunhui Li Research Integrity Lead Biomedical Engineering, Fulton Building 
Professor Amin Abdolvand Deputy Research Integrity Lead Associate Dean (Research), Harris Building