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‘IN TIME AND SILENTLY’ and ‘A WIND FROM THE NORTH’ is a portfolio of two exhibitions of landscape paintings by Philip Braham.

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Start date

May 2015

Completion date

May 2021

‘IN TIME AND SILENTLY’ and ‘A WIND FROM THE NORTH’ is a portfolio of two exhibitions of landscape paintings exploring the question of how painting can challenge photographic representations of a phenomenological perception of the landscape.

Braham explores the influence of art historical exemplars and contemporary advances in the field of aesthetics and culture, through the lenses of Western cultural history and personal memory. His methodology is a close analysis of source photographs taken in-situ in the landscape, elements of which are edited to form new compositions, which: compositions, which through process generate which through process, generate new ideas and insights to a point of departure from the source such that the motif is transfigured into a resolved painting exceeding its photographic inception.

‘A WIND FROM THE NORTH’ at Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow (29 October - 21 November 2016) takes as its theme the lasting influence of the Northern Romantic tradition in painting and re-contextualises it within a contemporary framework to create secular artworks that nonetheless incorporate traces of spirituality through the motifs and otherworldly qualities of light.

‘IN TIME AND SILENTLY’ at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh (6 January - 3 February 2018) takes the final line of Seamus Heaney’s final poem as a starting point from which to further develop the qualities inherent in Braham’s prior group of paintings, with the passage of time as a central theme, to create a new body of paintings that is self-reflexive yet universal. Braham’s aim in these works is to show that the human condition offers a capacity for shared insights, and that his paintings act as a conduit through which meaning is transferred non-linguistically; that is, felt rather than explained.

The research is further disseminated through international group exhibitions in public and corporate collections, art foundations, and reviews, publications, journals, conference papers and invited talks.


Project lead(s)

Philip Braham