Research project

Shaping better places together

With support from the Scottish Government, a specialist research team made up of members from the University of Dundee, Eclipse Research and Kevin Murray Associates has produced a report into the facilitation of participatory placemaking.

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Start date

January 2017

Completion date

December 2017

The report 'Shaping better places together' marks a first attempt to investigate the role and significance of facilitators in participatory community design processes and aims to enhance the output performance of this increasingly common type of design event.

It is hoped that this ground-breaking research work will give confidence to local authorities, local communities and the development industry as they invest in the skills and expertise of professional facilitators in the collaborative design process.

To discuss the project in more detail, please get in touch with the Institute for Social Sciences Research, University of Dundee by email


Project lead(s)

Dr Husam Al Waer