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Dundee team powers up green energy crowdfunding research

Accountancy academics at the University of Dundee School of Business are crafting the future of crowdfunding for renewable energy generation through their involvement in a multi-million pound collaboration

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April 2015

The project responds to funding challenges facing renewable developers as well as the interests of individuals keen to invest in environmentally responsible projects together with crowdfunding platforms set up to enable both parties to transact.

Based at the School of Business, the Centre for Qualitative Research in Finance is the academic partner for the project’s commissioning consortium of European crowdfunding operators and renewable energy developers.

Leading accountancy academic at Dundee Prof. Bruce Burton explained:

"CrowdFundRES recognizes the vast potential in creating well-regulated, easily accessible markets for small-scale individual investment in renewable energy projects. It is funded by the European Commission via the Horizon 2020 programme and will deliver global benefits independent of EU membership. This is the type of progressive and inspiring research in which Dundee seeks to participate and one that offers exciting future options for our doctoral students to develop.”

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Professor Bruce Burton

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School of Business

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Research project