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Shahd is a paediatric nurse, currently registered with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities. Holding a master's degree in nursing from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle. She holds a Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate from the Saudi Heart Association 

Beyond her clinical expertise, she actively engages in humanitarian efforts, being a member of both the Saudi Red Cross Commission and the Saudi Health Voluntary Commission.  

As an educator, she serves as a lecturer at Taif University, where she imparts her knowledge and experiences to the next generation of nursing professionals. Beyond the classroom, she has been an integral part of various community services committees. 

Currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Dundee, Shahd is conducting qualitative research on pain assessment in children with intellectual disabilities. Under the guidance of her supervisors Prof. Tim Croudace and Dr. Susan Buell.  


Shahd's professional and research interests span across maternity, child health, and the health of marginalised populations.