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I graduated from the University of Salford in 1997 (MEng in Electronics). During my industrial work 1997-2003, I engaged in designing various aspects of STM microscopes (image acquisition), ECG monitoring devices (embedded software) and precision mechanics control (digital electronics and embedded software). I completed a PhD in Medical Physics in 2007 at the University of Surrey tackling optical analysis of 3D radiation dosimeters. Since 2007, I have delved into several exciting bio-imaging techniques including optical coherence tomography and fluorescence microscopy/endoscopy. In 2011 I joined a team of electronics engineers designing advanced single photon array detectors (CMOS Sensors group in Edinburgh led by Robert Henderson). While working on time resolved spectroscopy and imaging, I had the fortune of working closely with physicists developing advanced microscopes exploiting cutting edge applications in waveguides and light-in-flight. I joined University of Dundee as Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering in January 2018, based in the School of Science and Engineering.


My research focus is on time-resolved spectroscopy & imaging and endomicroscopy. I also have broad interests across biomedical engineering, photonics, but also fundamental physics and biology. I designed a variety of imaging instruments including fluorescence microscopes, optical coherence tomography instruments and endoscopy tools. I enjoy tackling challenging clinical and biology problems with novel components and techniques. This requires broad expertise and I have been working closely with clinicians, biologists and chemists as well engineers and physicists. One of my key goals now is to provide affordable tools for endomicroscopy allowing in vivo cell biology of disease processes in humans clinically. This stems from my recent work in the Medical School at the University of Edinburgh where I designed a multi-colour endomicroscope for multiparameter imaging in vivo in situ.

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